Monday, 1 August 2011

Buxus Bonsai Care Instructions

I feel that it is about time I start writing down some care instructions for my bonsai, so here goes.

Japanese Box Hedge (Buxus microphylla v. japonica) care instructions

Watering: Keep them slightly on the dry side, however, I haven't found them to be to fussy.

Re-potting: During very early spring.

Pruning: As it is actively growing, care should be taken to prune so as to let light and air into the inner parts of the tree.

Back budding: Prolific, at least in my experience.

Winter protection: It is apparently hardy to -4 degrees Celsius, however, mine has been OK despite a few -7 nights. There has been some bronzing of the leaves but this is normal.

Wiring: It is possible to wire new growth, however, once matured it becomes hard and brittle, I  wouldn't recommend trying as the bark is also fragile.

Positioning: They will tolerate some shade, however, plenty of sun is best.